Are you ready and willing…

– To do what it takes to have the marriage of your dreams?

– To commit time and resources to give the most important relationship in your life the very best it deserves?

– To build a lasting legacy that starts with your marriage?

If yes then we’ll be more than delighted to fortify with you, as you consider the options we have here for you? Your marriage is worth investing in.


(Program Price – $150, Launch Price – $120)

Fortify 001 is a 3 week online group-mentoring program designed specially for couples who need to refresh their passion, refine their success strategies or just boost their spark again. In addition to the group sessions, there is a complimentary 45min private session with Team Fortified for each couple.

The program covers 3 core areas essential for keeping a marriage fortified – The Fortifying Marriage Mindset, Fortifying Bonds & Building Boundaries and Marriage Winning Positions.

Sign Up Here Today  and join other couples like yourselves to learn and grow together towards building model marriages that leave legacies. Do you have a code? Include your code in your form and get your package discounted!

P.S – This program requires both you and your spouse present for all sessions.



(Program Price – $600, Launch Price – $450)

When last did you go for a health check? When last did you take your car for its regular maintenance service? Perhaps in the last one year or thereabout. It’s interesting that giving our marriage periodic check or maintenance of some sort is hardly ever in our plans. That is why we recommend Marriage Re.DISC.Overy where you get to evaluate and confirm the current status of your marriage from many perspectives and both agree on how to take things to the next level.

You start this program via online assessments that generate results that would serve as basis for sessions and plans. You could choose either the Personality Profiling route (The Maxwell Method of DISC), where the focus is on each of you & communication in your marriage, or the SYMBIS route, where we look at general dynamics and zone in on key opportunities.

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(Program Price – $1000, Launch Price – $750)

Fortify 101 is a pre-marital counseling/mentoring program designed primarily for engaged couples to help them build the right foundation for a lasting, healthy and strong marriage. Research shows that marriages that go through proper preparations before they start are more likely to stay strong with less chance of separation or divorce. It is a 10-Session program, usually running over 3 – 4 months  and indeed a very revealing & rewarding experience.

The program is kickstarted with the couple taking the SYMBIS Assessment, which is a highly recommended assessment created by Les & Leslie Parrott. It has been used by thousands of couples around the world with an exceptional rating.  The results are unpacked in the first 2/3 sessions prior to the mentoring sessions which focus on key topics like Love Languages, Family Finance, Foundational Laws of Marriage, Sex In Marriage, Conflict Resolution and more.

Also included in this program are 2 follow up sessions within the first year of marriage.

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